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October 30, 201712:12 pm
LEGO DUPLO Can you spot all 7 spooky differences?
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October 30, 201712:09 pm
LEGO Ideas Shop for your favourite LEGO sets at today's Staff Pick the "Old Brick Building with LEGO Store" by dannybobmusic.
Check it out on http://ow.ly/YUb330ge9PS
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October 26, 20173:09 pm
LEGO Education Explore animals and habitats! Ask your preschoolers to sort pictures of animals by where they live. Next, have them sort the animals into families. As they are sorting, be sure to highlight vocabulary words such as habitat, endangered, shelter, or ...
October 26, 20173:07 pm
LEGO Ideas Prepare for a moon landing with today's Staff Pick "Tintin: Explorers on the Moon" by Han Sbricksteen. 🚀
Check it out on http://ow.ly/HjIR30g7sGU
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October 24, 20171:09 pm
LEGO Ideas Your rail yard certainly needs today's Staff Pick "Railway Maintenance Train" by Creator_HUN.
Take a look at http://ow.ly/YUQj30g6iar
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October 24, 20171:09 pm
LEGO Ideas Stargazing has never been easier!
Check out today's Staff Pick "Lego Observatory - Sky Mountain" by ThomasW on http://ow.ly/qTyV30g4aKX
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October 19, 20174:12 pm
World Economic Forum Good enough to use to clean your clothes. Read more: http://wef.ch/2gu24Tj
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October 19, 20174:11 pm
LEGO The LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS learn that teamwork is necessary for victory when Macy and Lance are facing a new challenge! Check out their new sets >>> https://shop.lego.com/nexoknights
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October 18, 20173:42 pm
LEGO Know a young jungle explorer who's ready for an action-packed treasure hunt? Discover the Jungle Mobile Lab!
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December 2, 201611:46 am

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