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Our soccer club under the leadership of Ran Xiongfei coaches, organized a number of children’s football competition. We lead the children out of the campus and houses, running in the nature. . .

sports helps children stay in shape, teaches children how to organize their time, boosts friendships, and builds relationships with their peers and adults. Through athletics, children gain skills that can best be acquired on a court, track, or field.

Club coach : Xiongfei Ran

Mr. Xiongfei Ran achieved a MBA certification of international sports management at Southern New Hampshire University in 2014.

He has been good at team management ability and good at reporting, writing, shooting, interviewing, and communication, teamwork, strong affinity and editing.

In 2002, he was voted as “CCTV top ten outstanding young reporter”;

In 2004, he was voted as “Titan Sports’ s top five outstanding reporter in 2004”;

In 2007, he was voted as “one of China’s four most influential athletic reporters” by sports fans;

And so on.


Engaging in after-school sporting events gives children the opportunity to be active and get plenty of exercise. In turn, being physically active makes them healthier by improving strength and flexibility. Children who participate in sports are also more likely to maintain a healthy diet and have higher levels of physical and cognitive energy. The benefits of sports participation transcend middle and high school, as children who play sports are thought to be more likely to maintain active lifestyles throughout their lives.

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